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I+K Ltd. cares about safety with chemicals

I+K Ltd., founded in 1993, develops software for the creation and administration of safety data sheets, labels and transport emergency cards. In addition, we also provide services in these areas for our customers.

The classification of dangerous chemicals is a highly specialized matter. It not only requires profound know-how in chemistry, toxicology and ecotoxicology, even more important is the complete understanding of the legal requirements that need to be fulfilled. For further information please follow the links below:

I+K Information and Know-How Ltd.
Hadlaubstrasse 154
8006 Zurich
Telefon  +41 44 364 22 33
FAX       +41 44 364 22 36

Email         info@i-k.ch
SAFIN™: Safety Information, trade mark of I+K Ltd., Zurich I+K Information and Know-How Ltd.